Monday, December 29, 2008


Laroz ,electronic/reggae bass player/producer extraodinare has put out a double cd of remixes from his
Laroz Album All stars
The album has a bunch of remixes from many talented prouducers here in Israel and from abroad. Check out the rest of his Work spanding great music and barriers.
Also, Sabbo put up a link in the maddecent blog with other songs from the new cd.
Check out the remix we did featuring Suhell from DAM

Laroz w Suhell - Have Some Fun (DJ Ori Shochat & Alarm rmx)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guy Mar

Guy Mar Mahapecha Itit from Gal Muggia on Vimeo.

Guy Mar is "Hadagnahash"s DJ and rapper. He's also a producer and sound engineer who runs his own studio "Kaboom"...He's about to drop a solo album - so check out his new video, directed by Gal Muggia, the same dude who directed Cohen@Mushon's groundbreaking videos

גיא מאר הוא הדיג'יי וראפר ב"הדג נחש". הוא גם מפיק, טכנאי הקלטות ובעל אולפן בשם "קאבום"...בקרוב יוצא לו אלבום סולו - אז תבדקו את הקליפ החדש שלו, שמבויים ע"י גל מוג'ה, אותו בחור שגם ביים את הקליפים המהפכניים של כהן@מושון

גיא מר - מהפכה איטית

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dj Craze, Tonight!!!!!!

The turntablist from miami
will be giving us a lesson or two
during his set
should be fantastic,come by to the block
check out some of his scratch technique
on this song
Mayday w CeeLo and Dj Craze - groundhog day

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eyal Rob SOULico crew

The man who knows how to party!!!!
came by last week and gave us a tasty mix
of some urban delights,enjoy and tell ur family
Eyal Rob dj set

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm still hungover,,,,

Thanks again for everybody for makin it
something we wont forget for a while

and here's a freestyle with omri angel on the beatbox

Noa faran,Ortega and Cohen freesyle

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008


In recent times the mini-figs and legendary building blocks have been used to recreate famous landmarks, classic photographs and now: 20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in LEGO. Enter Kanye West's blog and check out the rest of the pics

לאחרונה נעשה שימוש בבובות המניטוריות של לגו לשחזר תמונות קלאסיות, אתרי תיירות ועכשיו:
יצאו 20 עטיפות קלאסיות של אלבומי היפהופ מלגו!
כנסו לבלוג של קנייה ווסט ותראו את שאר התמונות

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tonights Da Night!!!!!!!

Editing & Art: Yarin Lidor, Jingle: Radio Tel Aviv - 102FM

Ray Parker - Tonights The Night

Its time to partyyyyyyyyyyyyy
get there early for free entrance and free booze
we're going to give it to u----

Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long

And Like Reggie Noble said "Tonight's the night baby"
Redman - Cant Wait Instrumental

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


2Live crew, in a way, invented the hip hop game as we know it. With their 1989 classic album "As nasty as they wanna be" They were the first group to introduce to the world videos with hot girls in Bikini, very dirty lyrics and the sound of Miami...that actually is the most popular sound in hip hop for the last few years - the sounds of the dirrrrty south.

טו לייב קרו, במידה מסויימת המציאו את הקטע של ההיפ הופ שאנחנו מכירים היום. עם האלבום הקלאסי שלהם מ89 "אז נאסטי אז ת'יי וואנה בי" הם היו ההרכב הראשון שהביא כוסיות בבקיני לקליפים, מילים ממש ממש גסות ואת הסאונד של מיאמי -שעד היום שולט בהיפ הופ , הדירטי סאות

This is their classic smash hit from 89
2 Live Crew - me so horny

and now they put out a new single - very exciting
2live Crew & Mannie Fresh - Dance Like A Hoe

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gettin ready for the celebration....

In honor of our b-day party, its time for some mashups to get u warmed up.
these are some that i've created over the past few years...enjoy and tell ur neighbors
see ya friday!!!!!

Diana Ross - Upside down Alarm mashup

Jurassic 5 - in the house Alarm mashup

Notorious BIG - Juicy Alarm mashup

Monday, December 8, 2008



4 year celebration
Lots of Friends
AT The Block
DEC 19

MC Breed RIP

So I cant say i know too much about the man but he has a bunch of albums and he will be remeberd as one of the pioneers in the midwest.

this is the song that always got me

Inspiration of a diva

Well there is a new Beyonce album out, great apportunity to talk about the voice who inspired her Coko.
Coko was the lead singer for girl-band S.W.V. (Sisters With Voices) with a really moving voice. back in the 90's this group had some major hits thanks to the help of the young Pharrell & Chad (AKA Neptunes) on the production. After the group split Coko released her solo album back in 2000 which was entirely produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. The album flopped big time and is extremely rare to find - also on the net....but i still really liked it!!

ובכן יש אלבום חדש לביונסה, וזאת הזדמנות לדבר על ההשראה שלה- קוקו.
קוקו בעלת הקול מרגש היתה סולנית של להקת הבנות אס.דאבליו.וי. בשנות ה90 היו ללהקה כמה להיטי ענק תודות לפראל וצא'ד (הנפטיונס) הצעירים שהיו על ההפקה. אחרי שהלהקה התפרקה קוקו הוציאה אלבום סולו ב2000 כשכולו הופק ע"י רודני "דארקצ'יילד" ג'רקינס. האלבום כשל בגדול וכתוצאה מכך קשה מאוד למצוא אותו אפילו בנט...אני עדיין מאוד אוהב אותו!!!

this is SWV's biggest crossover hit

Coko - Don't take your love away

Coko - I Ain't feelin you

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The List.....4.12.08

Having A Big 4th year Birthday Party in a week and half get ready!!!

Robin thicke w mary j blige - magic (mark ronson rmx)
Amy whinehouse & ghostface killah – you know that im no good (mark ronson in ta)
Cutty ranks – limb by limb hachibur blend
E40 & akon – wake it up
Coolooloosh- people of the street
Kanye west – paranoid
Wyclef jean & john "finally free"forte – tryin to stay alive
Sagol 59 & noa faran – eich hi rokedet shimmy soniq rmx
Dingdong - Badman forward badman pull up hachibur blend
Kottage – eizo isha
Lil wayne – dr carter
Destiny Child - jumpin jumpin hachibur blend
MC (RIP) Breed – aint no future in your frontin
Outkast - royal flush blend
Jay-z - go hard
Epmd & redman –
Ludacris & jayz & nas – I do it for hiphop
Kendog & bazooka
Jonelle monae – many moons
Busta Rhymes - Arab money remix

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Notorious Soundtrack

Not long ago we spoke here about the film they made about The Notorious B.I.G. , also, not long ago we spoke on Santogold...Well check this new song by Jay-z, with a Kanye West production that uses a sample from Santogold's "shove it" from the Notorious soundtrack

לא מזמן דיברנו כאן על הסרט שעומד לצאת על חייו ומותו של הנוטוריוס ביג. כמו כן, לא מזמן דיברנו פה על סנטוגולד...
תבדקו את השיר החדש הזה של ג'ייזי, כשקנייה ווסט על ההפקה שבה הוא מסמפל את "שאב איט" של סנטוגולד. השיר לקוח מפסקול הסרט "נוטוריוס"

Jay-z - Brooklyn Go Hard (produced by Kanye West)