Thursday, November 27, 2008


Yhamans are 2 rappers from Rosh Ha'ayn, of Yemenite ethnicity also affiliated with Shi 360's label "Emeth". This is their brand new single called "Tnu Li Bakapaim".

יאמאנז הם 2 ראפרים ממוצא תימני מראש העיין, שגם קשורים ללייבל של שי 360 "א.מ.ת."
הנה הסינגל החדש שלהם "תנו לי בכפיים"

Yamanz - Tnu Li Bakapaim 320 kbps

Monday, November 24, 2008

The tracklist of the mixtape

Million Styles - police in helicopter

Mr Willamz - babylon in helicopter

Emily Karpel - Nemeshim Nadav Ravid rmx

Tony Rebel - fire

LIl Wayne - GO Dj Blend

TOK - Rep your block - warning riddim

Busta Rhymes - Arab Money

Peled - Israeli Money

Tony Matterhorn - tour guide

Erykah Badu - honey blend

Capelton vs.Quami blend

Dizzee Rascal - dance wiv me

Mr Vegas - riddim in the park

TI - big shit poppin blend

Q-tip - you

88 keys w kanye west - viagra

I AM - ca vient de la rue

Taboo Plus - bekapot reglaich

NIcole Shirzaneger w TI - whatever you like blend

Cohen - choices

Peedi Crack - more towels

Dizzee Rascal - fix up look sharp blend

Missy Elliott - best best

Fishi - Hochmat Rehov blend

Carly Simone - why

Ludacris - girls gone wild blend

Teki Latex w Spank Rock and Amanda black - disco dance rmx

Jackson 5 - dancing machine blend

Common - universal mind control

MC Gringo & Dj Beware - tamborzao con scratchy

YO Majesty - club action blend

Busy Signal w Rye Rye - Tic Toc rmx

Kardinal Offishal - digital motown

Raphael Saadiq - lets take walk

The Mighty Underdogs - want you back

Link to the mixtape

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ladys and Gents, we are more than proud to introduce you to our new mixtape


גבירותיי ורבותיי, אנחנו יותר מגאים להציג בפניכם את המיקסטייפ החדש שלנו




This week on the show kendog and A mar sound system dropped by
Check out the A mar 5 year celebration next week

kanye west & young jeezy - amazing
m.i.a. w rye rye - paper planes rmx
coolooloosh - lock your doors
the roots - boom (live)
kardinall offishal & rihanna - number one
notorious big - nasty boy - white lines remix
kendog - sivuv hapras
kendog - olam varod
kendog - ten li lehishtagea
kendog - tshooka
the cool kids - delivary man 9th wonder rmx
clipse - mr me too
black milk - give the drummer some
88 keys w redman - the burning bush
kottage - ganja weed
jahmus - ego
a mar sound system set
devin the dude – I cant make it home

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cut Chemist

So the story begins with CUT CHEMIST coming to telaviv
giving an amazing performance
even with the electricity going out in the middle
then it continues to the airport.....
Now, Israeli airport security is known for not being so friendly
if u dont got an israeli passport
So they gave Lucas the runaround,from 15 minutes to
almost an hour and a half
they said something beeped, I think they wanted his records
He even got the hands on treatment,but ill leave that for him to talk about
feeling bad about the whole thing, my good friend Nati
decided to create a special edition shirt for him to remember
the other memorable times here in the middle east
To Nati's and mine surprise
we saw Chemists latest video
which was filmed
for the first time in "360 degree panoramic lens"
and check him out wearing the shirt around 4:20 in the clip

Do urself a favor and
Make sure to check out the rest of his fantastic Lp

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Mixtape

We, Dj Alarm & Ori Shochat, just completed our new mixtape !!!
we called it
We're gonna post the whole thing here in about a week!
Here's a little teaser with my man Peled

אנחנו, דיג'יי אלארם ואורי שוחט, הרגע השלמנו את העבודה על מיקסטייפ חדש!!!
קראנו לו
אנחנו נעלה את כל העסק לפה בתוך כשבוע!
הנה טעימה קטנה של פלד מתוך המיקסטייפ


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taboo Plus

Out of the few and rare rappers in israel who have something unique to bring to the table is definetly Taboo Plus.
think Atmosphere in hebrew. Taboo as put out two solo albums already and is a part of 51% which includes a bunch of talented rappers and producer extraordinare joseph.
also he's a very talented designer/animator/visual mastermind
check him out

Sunday, November 2, 2008

In The Meantime In Iran....

Once again, it's bigger than hiphop....

The Warning riddim???

Couple of days ago I went to the ring a ling party, The one and only Shimmysonic(aka "kus" "emeck") was playing some great tunes one of them, which i decided i have to see the name of the track was called the The Warning riddim.
Now, I already had one warning riddim,the one with Mavado Money Changer but this was a completly diffrent beat: reggae/hiphop beat w a barrington levy sample,which always gets me.

Now the warning riddim with money changer is called "final warning riddim" but come on. I think its time for producers to get in check and stop this double naming business
Help the Dj

This is how big hiphop is...

Speak is a guy from a small Hungarian town who decided to invest all his money on recording a hiphop song and shooting a video for it. here are the amazing results.

ספיק הוא בחור מכפר קטן בהונגריה, שהחליט להשקיע את כל כספו בהפקת שיר וקליפ היפ הופ.
הנה התוצאה המדהימה