Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cut Chemist

So the story begins with CUT CHEMIST coming to telaviv
giving an amazing performance
even with the electricity going out in the middle
then it continues to the airport.....
Now, Israeli airport security is known for not being so friendly
if u dont got an israeli passport
So they gave Lucas the runaround,from 15 minutes to
almost an hour and a half
they said something beeped, I think they wanted his records
He even got the hands on treatment,but ill leave that for him to talk about
feeling bad about the whole thing, my good friend Nati
decided to create a special edition shirt for him to remember
the other memorable times here in the middle east
To Nati's and mine surprise
we saw Chemists latest video
which was filmed
for the first time in "360 degree panoramic lens"
and check him out wearing the shirt around 4:20 in the clip

Do urself a favor and
Make sure to check out the rest of his fantastic Lp