Monday, December 29, 2008


Laroz ,electronic/reggae bass player/producer extraodinare has put out a double cd of remixes from his
Laroz Album All stars
The album has a bunch of remixes from many talented prouducers here in Israel and from abroad. Check out the rest of his Work spanding great music and barriers.
Also, Sabbo put up a link in the maddecent blog with other songs from the new cd.
Check out the remix we did featuring Suhell from DAM

Laroz w Suhell - Have Some Fun (DJ Ori Shochat & Alarm rmx)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guy Mar

Guy Mar Mahapecha Itit from Gal Muggia on Vimeo.

Guy Mar is "Hadagnahash"s DJ and rapper. He's also a producer and sound engineer who runs his own studio "Kaboom"...He's about to drop a solo album - so check out his new video, directed by Gal Muggia, the same dude who directed Cohen@Mushon's groundbreaking videos

גיא מאר הוא הדיג'יי וראפר ב"הדג נחש". הוא גם מפיק, טכנאי הקלטות ובעל אולפן בשם "קאבום"...בקרוב יוצא לו אלבום סולו - אז תבדקו את הקליפ החדש שלו, שמבויים ע"י גל מוג'ה, אותו בחור שגם ביים את הקליפים המהפכניים של כהן@מושון

גיא מר - מהפכה איטית

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dj Craze, Tonight!!!!!!

The turntablist from miami
will be giving us a lesson or two
during his set
should be fantastic,come by to the block
check out some of his scratch technique
on this song
Mayday w CeeLo and Dj Craze - groundhog day

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eyal Rob SOULico crew

The man who knows how to party!!!!
came by last week and gave us a tasty mix
of some urban delights,enjoy and tell ur family
Eyal Rob dj set

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm still hungover,,,,

Thanks again for everybody for makin it
something we wont forget for a while

and here's a freestyle with omri angel on the beatbox

Noa faran,Ortega and Cohen freesyle

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008


In recent times the mini-figs and legendary building blocks have been used to recreate famous landmarks, classic photographs and now: 20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in LEGO. Enter Kanye West's blog and check out the rest of the pics

לאחרונה נעשה שימוש בבובות המניטוריות של לגו לשחזר תמונות קלאסיות, אתרי תיירות ועכשיו:
יצאו 20 עטיפות קלאסיות של אלבומי היפהופ מלגו!
כנסו לבלוג של קנייה ווסט ותראו את שאר התמונות

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tonights Da Night!!!!!!!

Editing & Art: Yarin Lidor, Jingle: Radio Tel Aviv - 102FM

Ray Parker - Tonights The Night

Its time to partyyyyyyyyyyyyy
get there early for free entrance and free booze
we're going to give it to u----

Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long

And Like Reggie Noble said "Tonight's the night baby"
Redman - Cant Wait Instrumental

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


2Live crew, in a way, invented the hip hop game as we know it. With their 1989 classic album "As nasty as they wanna be" They were the first group to introduce to the world videos with hot girls in Bikini, very dirty lyrics and the sound of Miami...that actually is the most popular sound in hip hop for the last few years - the sounds of the dirrrrty south.

טו לייב קרו, במידה מסויימת המציאו את הקטע של ההיפ הופ שאנחנו מכירים היום. עם האלבום הקלאסי שלהם מ89 "אז נאסטי אז ת'יי וואנה בי" הם היו ההרכב הראשון שהביא כוסיות בבקיני לקליפים, מילים ממש ממש גסות ואת הסאונד של מיאמי -שעד היום שולט בהיפ הופ , הדירטי סאות

This is their classic smash hit from 89
2 Live Crew - me so horny

and now they put out a new single - very exciting
2live Crew & Mannie Fresh - Dance Like A Hoe

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gettin ready for the celebration....

In honor of our b-day party, its time for some mashups to get u warmed up.
these are some that i've created over the past few years...enjoy and tell ur neighbors
see ya friday!!!!!

Diana Ross - Upside down Alarm mashup

Jurassic 5 - in the house Alarm mashup

Notorious BIG - Juicy Alarm mashup

Monday, December 8, 2008



4 year celebration
Lots of Friends
AT The Block
DEC 19

MC Breed RIP

So I cant say i know too much about the man but he has a bunch of albums and he will be remeberd as one of the pioneers in the midwest.

this is the song that always got me

Inspiration of a diva

Well there is a new Beyonce album out, great apportunity to talk about the voice who inspired her Coko.
Coko was the lead singer for girl-band S.W.V. (Sisters With Voices) with a really moving voice. back in the 90's this group had some major hits thanks to the help of the young Pharrell & Chad (AKA Neptunes) on the production. After the group split Coko released her solo album back in 2000 which was entirely produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. The album flopped big time and is extremely rare to find - also on the net....but i still really liked it!!

ובכן יש אלבום חדש לביונסה, וזאת הזדמנות לדבר על ההשראה שלה- קוקו.
קוקו בעלת הקול מרגש היתה סולנית של להקת הבנות אס.דאבליו.וי. בשנות ה90 היו ללהקה כמה להיטי ענק תודות לפראל וצא'ד (הנפטיונס) הצעירים שהיו על ההפקה. אחרי שהלהקה התפרקה קוקו הוציאה אלבום סולו ב2000 כשכולו הופק ע"י רודני "דארקצ'יילד" ג'רקינס. האלבום כשל בגדול וכתוצאה מכך קשה מאוד למצוא אותו אפילו בנט...אני עדיין מאוד אוהב אותו!!!

this is SWV's biggest crossover hit

Coko - Don't take your love away

Coko - I Ain't feelin you

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The List.....4.12.08

Having A Big 4th year Birthday Party in a week and half get ready!!!

Robin thicke w mary j blige - magic (mark ronson rmx)
Amy whinehouse & ghostface killah – you know that im no good (mark ronson in ta)
Cutty ranks – limb by limb hachibur blend
E40 & akon – wake it up
Coolooloosh- people of the street
Kanye west – paranoid
Wyclef jean & john "finally free"forte – tryin to stay alive
Sagol 59 & noa faran – eich hi rokedet shimmy soniq rmx
Dingdong - Badman forward badman pull up hachibur blend
Kottage – eizo isha
Lil wayne – dr carter
Destiny Child - jumpin jumpin hachibur blend
MC (RIP) Breed – aint no future in your frontin
Outkast - royal flush blend
Jay-z - go hard
Epmd & redman –
Ludacris & jayz & nas – I do it for hiphop
Kendog & bazooka
Jonelle monae – many moons
Busta Rhymes - Arab money remix

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Notorious Soundtrack

Not long ago we spoke here about the film they made about The Notorious B.I.G. , also, not long ago we spoke on Santogold...Well check this new song by Jay-z, with a Kanye West production that uses a sample from Santogold's "shove it" from the Notorious soundtrack

לא מזמן דיברנו כאן על הסרט שעומד לצאת על חייו ומותו של הנוטוריוס ביג. כמו כן, לא מזמן דיברנו פה על סנטוגולד...
תבדקו את השיר החדש הזה של ג'ייזי, כשקנייה ווסט על ההפקה שבה הוא מסמפל את "שאב איט" של סנטוגולד. השיר לקוח מפסקול הסרט "נוטוריוס"

Jay-z - Brooklyn Go Hard (produced by Kanye West)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Yhamans are 2 rappers from Rosh Ha'ayn, of Yemenite ethnicity also affiliated with Shi 360's label "Emeth". This is their brand new single called "Tnu Li Bakapaim".

יאמאנז הם 2 ראפרים ממוצא תימני מראש העיין, שגם קשורים ללייבל של שי 360 "א.מ.ת."
הנה הסינגל החדש שלהם "תנו לי בכפיים"

Yamanz - Tnu Li Bakapaim 320 kbps

Monday, November 24, 2008

The tracklist of the mixtape

Million Styles - police in helicopter

Mr Willamz - babylon in helicopter

Emily Karpel - Nemeshim Nadav Ravid rmx

Tony Rebel - fire

LIl Wayne - GO Dj Blend

TOK - Rep your block - warning riddim

Busta Rhymes - Arab Money

Peled - Israeli Money

Tony Matterhorn - tour guide

Erykah Badu - honey blend

Capelton vs.Quami blend

Dizzee Rascal - dance wiv me

Mr Vegas - riddim in the park

TI - big shit poppin blend

Q-tip - you

88 keys w kanye west - viagra

I AM - ca vient de la rue

Taboo Plus - bekapot reglaich

NIcole Shirzaneger w TI - whatever you like blend

Cohen - choices

Peedi Crack - more towels

Dizzee Rascal - fix up look sharp blend

Missy Elliott - best best

Fishi - Hochmat Rehov blend

Carly Simone - why

Ludacris - girls gone wild blend

Teki Latex w Spank Rock and Amanda black - disco dance rmx

Jackson 5 - dancing machine blend

Common - universal mind control

MC Gringo & Dj Beware - tamborzao con scratchy

YO Majesty - club action blend

Busy Signal w Rye Rye - Tic Toc rmx

Kardinal Offishal - digital motown

Raphael Saadiq - lets take walk

The Mighty Underdogs - want you back

Link to the mixtape

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ladys and Gents, we are more than proud to introduce you to our new mixtape


גבירותיי ורבותיי, אנחנו יותר מגאים להציג בפניכם את המיקסטייפ החדש שלנו




This week on the show kendog and A mar sound system dropped by
Check out the A mar 5 year celebration next week

kanye west & young jeezy - amazing
m.i.a. w rye rye - paper planes rmx
coolooloosh - lock your doors
the roots - boom (live)
kardinall offishal & rihanna - number one
notorious big - nasty boy - white lines remix
kendog - sivuv hapras
kendog - olam varod
kendog - ten li lehishtagea
kendog - tshooka
the cool kids - delivary man 9th wonder rmx
clipse - mr me too
black milk - give the drummer some
88 keys w redman - the burning bush
kottage - ganja weed
jahmus - ego
a mar sound system set
devin the dude – I cant make it home

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cut Chemist

So the story begins with CUT CHEMIST coming to telaviv
giving an amazing performance
even with the electricity going out in the middle
then it continues to the airport.....
Now, Israeli airport security is known for not being so friendly
if u dont got an israeli passport
So they gave Lucas the runaround,from 15 minutes to
almost an hour and a half
they said something beeped, I think they wanted his records
He even got the hands on treatment,but ill leave that for him to talk about
feeling bad about the whole thing, my good friend Nati
decided to create a special edition shirt for him to remember
the other memorable times here in the middle east
To Nati's and mine surprise
we saw Chemists latest video
which was filmed
for the first time in "360 degree panoramic lens"
and check him out wearing the shirt around 4:20 in the clip

Do urself a favor and
Make sure to check out the rest of his fantastic Lp

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Mixtape

We, Dj Alarm & Ori Shochat, just completed our new mixtape !!!
we called it
We're gonna post the whole thing here in about a week!
Here's a little teaser with my man Peled

אנחנו, דיג'יי אלארם ואורי שוחט, הרגע השלמנו את העבודה על מיקסטייפ חדש!!!
קראנו לו
אנחנו נעלה את כל העסק לפה בתוך כשבוע!
הנה טעימה קטנה של פלד מתוך המיקסטייפ


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taboo Plus

Out of the few and rare rappers in israel who have something unique to bring to the table is definetly Taboo Plus.
think Atmosphere in hebrew. Taboo as put out two solo albums already and is a part of 51% which includes a bunch of talented rappers and producer extraordinare joseph.
also he's a very talented designer/animator/visual mastermind
check him out

Sunday, November 2, 2008

In The Meantime In Iran....

Once again, it's bigger than hiphop....

The Warning riddim???

Couple of days ago I went to the ring a ling party, The one and only Shimmysonic(aka "kus" "emeck") was playing some great tunes one of them, which i decided i have to see the name of the track was called the The Warning riddim.
Now, I already had one warning riddim,the one with Mavado Money Changer but this was a completly diffrent beat: reggae/hiphop beat w a barrington levy sample,which always gets me.

Now the warning riddim with money changer is called "final warning riddim" but come on. I think its time for producers to get in check and stop this double naming business
Help the Dj

This is how big hiphop is...

Speak is a guy from a small Hungarian town who decided to invest all his money on recording a hiphop song and shooting a video for it. here are the amazing results.

ספיק הוא בחור מכפר קטן בהונגריה, שהחליט להשקיע את כל כספו בהפקת שיר וקליפ היפ הופ.
הנה התוצאה המדהימה

Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 more days people!

November 4th is a very exiting date. After waiting for 8 years Q Tip of A Tribe Called Quest is finally gonna drop his new album entitled "Renaissance".
Here is the 1st single from that album

הרביעי לנובמבר הולך להיות יום מרגש. אחרי שחכינו 8 שנים, קיוטיפ מ"א טרייב קולד קווסט" סופסוף מוציא את אלבום הסולו ה2 שלו שנקרא "רנסנס"
הנה הסינגל ה1 שייצא משם

Q-Tip - Gettin' Up 320 kbps

And for all of y'all here are some of qtip's classics :

Monday, October 27, 2008

Coming Soon..

If u haven't heared yet there's a film in the making about The Notorious B.I.G.'s life and death...
here's a trailer, we gotta admit it looks like a b-movie, Biggie deserves better

אם עדיין לא שמעתם, מפיקים כרגע סרט על חייו ומותו של נוטוריוס בי.ג.
הנה ה"בקרוב", אנחנו חייבים להודות שזה נראה כמו סרט להולמרק, מגיע לביגי קצת יותר מזה

Friday, October 24, 2008

Playlist 23-10-08

Listen Up!!!!

robin thick & mary j blige - magic mark ronson rmx
qtip & eve - gettin up rmx
mighty underdogs - hands in the air
jennifer hudson & ludacris - pocket book
emily karpel - nemashim nadav ravid remix
million styles - police in helicopter
TI- swing ya rag
johnny & kashi - atsor
dizzee rascal w lilly allen - wanna be
demon and mr vegas - in the park
Iam - ca vient de la rue
diamond d - d-i-a-m-o-n-d
beyonce - ring on it
peedi crack - more towels
kottage - aize eisha
matisyahu - smash lies
kanye west - love lockdown
ludacris & the game & willy northpole - call up the homies
born jamericans - boom shakatak
shabak - lauf kmo tsipor
Hollywood Holt w GLC & Shala - swerve n lean
busta rhymes - arab money
giovanca- a matter of facts
titsworth - wtf
elephant man - benny hill riddim
hatzel - pop it up
bobby brown - humpin around
jazzime sullivan w skillz - bust ya windows
nas - black president
kidz in the hall w camp lo - snob pop
N.O.R.E - watch me now
a+ - enjoy yourself

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Song The Cover and The Remix

So For my second installment of The Sample,The Track and The remix
Ive decided to change the name of the whole thing,does it make sense,no
One of the all time feel good reggae songs,defenitly has to be
this was done back in 1967
then 10 years later came the cover:

The Specials - a message to you rudy

if u want to expand ur knowledge on some superb musicians from back in the day, check out
Rico Rodiriguez ,who played on the original track and on the cover by the Specials
and finally the remix comes courtesy of the "Bombs" label
i didn't find too much info about who made it,but its a great edit/remix that i like to use during
my sets,so enjoy and play dem tunes loudddddddddddd!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Speak French?

For the past 2 weeks I've been to Brussels and France, where hiphop is in french. Since MC Solaar in the early 90's we realized that the french scene is pretty dope. 3 Things I have to tell you from that trip...For young french-speaking people its all about the re-union show of Supreme NTM (hiphop supergroup) this summer. A new album by veterans Iam. And this new female rapper Keny Arkana.

בשבועיים האחרונים הייתי בבריסל ובצרפת, שם ההיפ הופ בצרפתית. מאז אם סי סולר הבנו שההיפ הופ הצרפתי מגניב ברמות.
3 חשובים שלמדתי שחשובים לצרפתים לאחרונה:
סיבוב ההופעות של האיחוד של הסופר להקה סופרים אנטיאם.
אלבום חדש ממקימי הסצינה אייאם.
ראפרית צעירה וחזקה ביותר בשם קני ארקנה.

Keny Arkana - Réveillez Vous 320 kbps

Iam - Tu Le Sais 320 kbps

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Sample,The Track and The Remix

So this is the first installment(and hopefully not the last)
of what the title says, so we start it off with:

The Pharcyde - Runnin
This masterpiece was created by the great
J dilla
check out a great tribute stones throw did,talking with artists about his
productions w them(including the pharcyde)
Anyway, Dilla took a beautiful song by the legendary Stan Getz called
and check out the 2:04 mark for the loop
Now, during this week i got hold of this new Douple Lp by Delicious Vinyl called
Delicious Viny Allstars Rmxxology its a great compilation featuring remixes by Diplo,Eminem?,Hot Chip and other interesting fellas,,,
for some reason the track that got me right now and for that reason i created this whole installment crap in the first place,is this new remix for
enjoy and lets hope this tradition continues.............

Monday, October 13, 2008


Daniel kestenboim aka Babaganooshka
is a telaviv based musician/producer/surfer extrodanier
he's been makin music since the early 90's
always someone to check out in the music scene in Israel,
these days he his a part of the MAdboojah project as well as producing most of
kottage new Lp
His latest solo project was DADA Beats
check out one of the great songs in the LP
and if u need any economic advice,send him an email asap........

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heat From Shi 360

We've talked about this guy before, here's new heat from him feat:
Peled & Ortega, Metro, Sneakas, Danidin, Kele 6, Dr.Chan & Moglee, Riviera Regime, Ya manz and Dj Braindead

על שי כבר דיברנו בעבר, הנה משהו חדש ממנו כשהוא מארח את:
פלד ואורטגה, מטרו, סניקרס, דנידין, כלא 6, דר צ'אן ומוגלי, יא מאנז ודיג'יי בריינדד

Shi 360 - Ma Ata Omer remix

Soundtrack Of The Riots...

Riots are no good for nobody. Ever!! Because of the Akko riot thats goin on here's a reminder of what was the soundtrack of the L.A. riots back in the 90's...
Can you spot the Chili Peppers in there?

מהומות זה לא דבר טוב לאף אחד, תאמינו לי. בעקבות המהומות בעכו הנה תזכורת לפסקול הבלתי רשמי של המהומות בלוס אנג'לס בשנות ה90...
האם אתם מזהים שם קצת צ'ילי פפרז?

And a cover by Korn & Fred Durst

Ice Cube - Wicked 320 kbps

Friday, October 10, 2008

Born Jamericans......

Yesterday 's show started with DJ Braindead playing a Born Jamericans track
I think anybody who knows about this group,still enjoys listening to them these days
and always there music is a great choice when ur spinning
Anybody knows what happened to them?
Anyway, some reggae hiphop at its best from the 90's
SHoutout to Braindead and Afficoman for dropping by the show yesterday

Born Jamericans - Boom shak a tak

and from there second album:

The Return Of...

Bayan was the first russian rapper in Israel. The guy was born in Ukraine, moved to study in Israel and got most of his hebrew vocabulary from the dictionary therefore his rhymes where always original and unpredictable. I havent heared from him for a while...
My man Grizzly from Handasa Milulit, a rap crew from Carmiel sent me this link with a new track WITH BAYAN off their album "A Thousand Faces"

באיין הוא הראפר הרוסי הראשון שהיה לנו בארץ. הבחור שעלה לארץ מאוקראיינה למד את רוב העברית שלו מהמילון ועל כן החריזה שלו תמיד הייתה מקורית ובלתי-צפוייה. לא שמעתי ממנו לתקופה...
אח שלי גריזלי מ"הנדסה מילולית", הרכב מכרמיאל, שלח לי את השיר החדש שלהם עם באיין מתוך אלבומם "אלף פרצופים"

Handasa Milulit feat Bayan - you cant take it away

Bayan Myspace

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Dude

Devin The Dude is one of the coolest cats out there, some of you might remember him from the classic Dr.Dre album "2001" where he sang the hook for "Fuck You"....
He is known for his original and funny lyrics about smoking weed, smoking weed, smoking weed and "fucking some bitches"....nowadays he's dropping his 5th album entitled "Landing Gear", so you should definitely check him out

דבין דה דוד הוא אחד מהחבר'ה הכי סבבה שיש, חלקכם זוכרים אותו מאלבום המופת של דר דרה "2001" שם הוא שר את הפזמון של "פאק יו" .
הוא מוכר בעיקר בזכות המקוריות במילים המצחיקות שלו, שעוסקות בעיקר בעישון גראס, עישון גראס, עישון גראס ו"לזיין כלבות"
בימים אלו הוא מוציא את אלבומו החמישי "לנדינג גיר" אז אתם בהחלט צריכים לבדוק אותו

Devin the dude feat I4k - I need a song

Monday, October 6, 2008

playlist 2-10-08

quami - hofshi hofshi
roy & sneakas & shi 360 - tiruf
the apples - the bel step
axum - ma im hakesef
peled & ortega -& noa faran & booskillz & sky - achushilling
momy levy - breakadawn
shlomi alon & sabbo & kuti - ma sheat osa li
cohen@mushon - tagidu ken
hatsel - al haritspa
kyd - ma ata gay
los caparos - rasta vasili
yaya - lihyot
malca - missing
kutiman - no groove in my town
george - ani yamshich
kottage - ezha eisha
sadayle w noa faran -en zman
buskillz - rakdan otamoti
taboo - capot reglich
lukatch - shershrot mzhav
coolooloosh - people of the street
shabak - dont call it a comeback
johnny & cohen@mushon- mesibat cita
sagol - zaken midai

souljazz live in studio:

kenny dope - gunshots
reggae twins -
shark wilson - make it reggae

people under the stairs - party enemy number 1
devin the dude - highway
Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco- Change
kid sister & david banner - family reunion
lmfao & pitbull - im in miami bitch

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Man Vs Machine

See more T-Pain videos at Funny or Die

I already heard that T-Pain is a great dude. This video proves it

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In due time,
is coming out with there new album "Elements of Sound" very soon,
check out there album teaser
sounds fantastic!!!!
In the meantime
here's there new single called

Monday, September 29, 2008

Playlist 25/09/08


Shabak came by and gave us a preview of the new album
"Bom Carnival"
check out part of the show and what about those glasses shochat,,,,

nwa-drink it up
busy signal - tic toc
kardinal - digital motown
ג'וני עם קאשי - עצור
idan k & axum- noa
busta rhymes - arab money
שבק ספיישל-
dont call it a comeback
ani mi sheani
haketsev hu hameser
sasha & fatman scoop - coca cola shape
peedi crack - more towels
ryan leslie w fabolous - addiction remix
jazimne sullivan w kardinal - need u bad remix
the game w travis baker - dope boys
disiac - spank
devin the dude - highway
madlib - yo yo affair
קוטג - איזה אישה
pete philly - relieved
lupe fiasco w pharrell qtip - paris tokyo remix
mr vegas - bun
pitbull w lil jon - crazy


In order to celebrate Rosh Hashana the proper way, I decided to bring u Zion's first M.C. (dj in dancehall). Neigel Addmore released this tune back in 93 way before there was any hiphop scene in Israel. The tune is off Addmore's only album that goes by the same name, and was produced by Yossi Fine. Its pretty hard to find the album these days - so for your pleasure here's the lead track in high quality!

כדי לחגוג את ראש השנה כמו שצריך, החלטתי להביא את הראפר הראשון לציון (או בעצם דיג'יי כשזה מגיע לדאנסהול).
נייג'ל האדמו"ר הוציא את השיר הזה ב93 הרבה לפני שההיפ הופ היה קיים בארץ. השיר לקוח מהאלבום היחיד של האדמו"ר שנושא את אותו השם, והופק מוסיקלית ע"י יוסי פיין. די קשה למצוא את האלבום ועל כן הנה ה-להיט להנאתכם באיכות גבוהה!

Neigel Addmore - Humus makes you stupid

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keep An Eye On This Dude

Ryan Leslie is an american producer/songwriter/singer, best known for producing megababe Cassie. He is about to drop his first official solo joint, and this one's off it...You can check out the video here.

ראיין לזלי הוא מפיק/כותב/זמר אמריקאי, שעד עכשיו מוכר בעיקר בזכות ההפקות שלו לקייסי. הוא עומד להוציא את אלבום הסולו שלו, והשיר הזה לקוח תמתוכו...אתם גם יכולים לבדוק את הקליפ פה.

Ryan Leslie feat. Fabolous & Cassie - Addicted

Ryan Leslie feat. Fabolous & Cassie - Addicted Instrumental