Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Sample,The Track and The Remix

So this is the first installment(and hopefully not the last)
of what the title says, so we start it off with:

The Pharcyde - Runnin
This masterpiece was created by the great
J dilla
check out a great tribute stones throw did,talking with artists about his
productions w them(including the pharcyde)
Anyway, Dilla took a beautiful song by the legendary Stan Getz called
and check out the 2:04 mark for the loop
Now, during this week i got hold of this new Douple Lp by Delicious Vinyl called
Delicious Viny Allstars Rmxxology its a great compilation featuring remixes by Diplo,Eminem?,Hot Chip and other interesting fellas,,,
for some reason the track that got me right now and for that reason i created this whole installment crap in the first place,is this new remix for
enjoy and lets hope this tradition continues.............