Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jazzy Jay = HIPHOP 101

In The Studio Tomorrow!!!!!

To talk about Jazzy Jay is to talk about the origins of HIPHOP
He's gonna come thru the show tomorrow,so make sure to check it out
So, we start with the fact that he was a part of Africa Bambataa's Zulu Nation
and the group called Jazzy Five,which put out the
first single ever on Tommy Boy Records
Jazzy Five - Jazzy Sensation

Then a few years later he met up with Rick Rubin and created the first single for a new label at the time called Def Jam Records
T La Rock and Jazzy Jay - It's Yours Party Scratch Mix

Jazzy opened up his own studio during the mid 80's and some of the most influential NYC rappers came through and recorded there first songs there including Fat Joe,Tribe Called Quest and Brand Nubian and many others Legendary East Coast Rapper/Producer Diamond D also recorded his first album there with then partner Master Rob under the name Ultimate Force which came out on Jazzy Jay's own label called Strong City Records check out the crazy silly dope fresh track that Jazzy Jay produced
Ultimate Force - I'm Not Playin

And another classic track that Jazzy Jay was a part of(He was the studio engineer)
is none other than one of the dopest east coast songs ever, period!!!!!
ShowBiz and Ag - Soul Clap